In our daily life we all are involved in a demanding environment which includes our work/business and private life. We want to be happy as much as possible and in the best way we can. This includes our physical and mental health and spiritual beliefs as well, and has an impact for us personally as well as for our family and friends. 
We are influenced through our environment and how positively we can respond to it or not. The right nutrition will additionally have a huge influence on our wellbeing. Having the right thoughts in our mind and knowing our purpose in life will add to our comfort. 
Sometimes though our life is not in balance due to a variety of circumstances, and we get sick, develop allergies or even get tired and depressed.
This is when it is time to change the patterns and have a look at our daily life again.


At Alternative Healing, health specialist Helen Staehli uses Ancient Tibetan Healing, Bioresonance Therapy, Acupuncture, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching to help us improve the quality of our daily lives.


This is a big chance for change and will transform our life in a positive way. It is also a signal for us to think about what are the best next steps for us to take for a healthier and happier future.

Available Treatments


"Thank you Helen for an amazing experience that you offered me with your unique healing practice. What I enjoyed was that it was non-invasive and very gentle. What was extra special was the fact I could see the results of that healing. You have an amazing gift and I recommend that everyone shares this experience. Once again thank you."

Sue, Hawkes Bay