About me

I was born in Switzerland but my real life started when I was 35 years old with a break down due to a brain infection & Meningitis caused by a tick. 


This moment in life changed everything. Years of incredible pain followed and

I worked through all the available medical treatments and remedies. To survive

I decided to help myself and to use this incredible pain as chance for transformation. Since then I have never stopped believing in the power of human beings to heal themselves.
We need support in a situation like this, to find the right patterns and treatments which can help us to walk our personal journey and become happy and healthy again; to find a purpose in life when it seems impossible to do so and to go for our goals. 


To help myself I studied Bio-Energetic-Healing Methods including Acupuncture (without needles), homeopathic remedies and Chinese medicine for a holistic treatment.


Due to my health situation I decided to relocate to Chiang Mai, Thailand.  A Buddhist monk there became my teacher for three years and taught me an

Ancient Tibetan Healing practice, which has allowed me to help many clients.

I am very thankful to be able to offer it to you here in New Zealand.


I also studied Clinical Hypnotherapy in Wellington and Life Coaching in Auckland, and I use these powerful tools in my daily practice as well as for special needs.  

I have lived and worked in Napier since 2013 and know my work is my call and passion.


I thank all my teachers and especially Luang Tha, the Buddhist monk in Thailand who also taught me to listen with my heart and to see what is beyond the horizon.

I have learnt to have visions and follow my own path and to be a gift for the

world guided by my spirits, who work with me and through me.


Thank you for visiting my website. 

Helen Staehli
Registered Natural Medicine Practitioner
Bioresonance & Elektroacupuncture
Energy Healing


"Magic, it helped me so much, especially with headache, migraine and my sinusitis. Thank you very much. I highly recommend Helen, all I can say is, she will fix you for sure. Thank you Helen for the amazing experience."

Clyde, Hawkes Bay

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