Bioresonance Therapy & Acupuncture
(without needles)

Bioresonance Therapy & Acupuncture are highly individual therapies using information to balance the various organs which are connected with the organ systems. Especially for acute and chronic diseases such as inflammation, chronic infections, pain, headache & migraine, rheumatic ailments, depression, burnout, stress, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, cancer and side effects of chemo therapy etc. 
The cause of imbalances and diseases could be  poisoning agents (homotoxins) such as pesticides, herbicides, solvents, heavy metals (amalgam fillings), medicine, electro smog, bacteria, viruses, and food intolerances, to mention a few.
A next step will be to find out what drainage medication, cell support and organ function support needs to be made and in what concentration for the specific imbalance, to regulate the body functions, to support the immune system and to enhance life quality and wellbeing. 
Bioresonance Therapy and Acupuncture can contribute to a profound retuning of the organs and can be used for all ages and issues.  


Both therapies can be used individually or together. 

You will receive personalised Bio-Feedback-Drops.


Helen has a natural caring ability with a presence of “The healer Within”. She understands on a Soul level to make One feel a true sense of wellbeing, tapping into the “healing Power Source”. She works with a total professional approach and yet possesses  such a personal touch. I have had many sessions of Bioresonance which undoubtedly has always made me feel energised with a real super sense of wellbeing. Also as a Hypnotherapy patient I experienced  much needed subconscious changes in the form of thoughts, attitudes and feelings which have also left me feeling an overwhelming gratitude to Helen".

Ivan S. 

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