Energy Medicine &
Chakra Balance
Ancient Tibetan Healing Practice works on all three levels; physical, emotional and spiritual and can be used at all times, alone or combined.
A treatment with Ancient Tibetan Healing Practice will have you relax on a massage bed while you are treated in a gentle way. Blockages and stagnant energies will be removed and the body’s self-healing-system will be activated. It will bring lightness and clearness in your mind and you will experience relaxation and wellbeing on all levels. It will shift your consciousness and awareness.





Bioresonance & Acupuncture works on the physical and emotional levels.
I measure the energy levels of your body and organs and balance them with the right remedies in the right homeopathic concentration.
The organ and organ-systems are connected with our emotions. In the Bioresonance treatment I also use Bush Flowers and Bachblüten and special ampoules which balance the Chakras (energy wheels of our body).

Life Coaching

These techniques can be used at all times.


Hypnotherapy can help you to find more self-confidence, or change habits in your life such as smoking, losing weight, or  help with phobias and fears, and pain management and relaxation.
Life-Coaching is about you and your life. It’s about how you can make the best of it and to help you achieve the goals you want. 

I offer you a free introduction so that we can find out what is best for you. 

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